Paper Tube



Hi Everyone

Today, Sunday is project 11,  over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is Paper Tube. I firstly  placed acrylic paint on my gelli plate, the got an inner tube from a tin foil role.  I made circles in the paint with one end, then placed 2 elasticated bands around the role and pushed it through the paint.  I then took a print, then repeated my technique.



photo 1 on cardstock insert photo original tablecloth


Hi Everyone

Today, Saturday, is project 10, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is Fabric. I started by using an old polyester lacy tablecloth as my fabric.  I put light blue, purple and mustard acrylic paint one my geli plate, then pushed part of the tablecloth into the paint.  Once pulled off I placed yardstick on the geli plate and took off a print.  Presto, the pattern from the tablecloth was imprinted in the paint.


Packaging – Photo 1 – Plastic Packaging – Photo 2


Hi Everyone

Today, Friday, is project 9, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is Packaging.  I started by taking a box lid and ripping the front off in parts which showed the structure inside.  I then inked up a geli plate with light green, suede and orange acrylic paint then pressed the card board into it.  I then laid a piece of card stock into the paid and when peeled back got photo 1 print.  I then took the plastic packaging from inside, scrunched it up and put that in the acrylic paint on the geli plate.  The print that came off it is photo 2.


Hi Everyone

Today, Thursday, is project 8, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is Silhouette.  I firstly printed out a silhouette of a skull and cut this out with  craft knife from a piece of A4 copy paper.  I then chose colours of re, blue, green, yellow and black and brayered these onto my geli plate.  I then placed the skull template over the paint so that the skull cut out was over the paint, then placed the card stock onto the paint and pressed it.  Voila my skull geli plate.  I have to say that I prefer the 2nd print I did!


Hi Everyone

Today, Wednesday,  is project 7 over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is Threads.  I started by putting green, pink, red and grey acrylic paint colours on my geli plate, and pressed card stock into this, lifted it off and let it dry.  I then put white acrylic paint on my geli plate, placing both string and ribbon onto it, leaving them on the plate as I covered it with the same piece of card.  When I pulled the card off, the trail of the threads can be clearly seen.  I then took the items off the plate and used another piece of card with a previous geli plate painting of pinks on it, and took a pressing.  I liked how both pieces turned out.





Hi Everyone

Today, Tuesday, is project 6 over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram, and the theme is  Flower.  I first used indigo blue, burgundy and caramel acrylic paints on my geli plate and placed a piece of rug hessian on it to form the grid pattern the took it off.  Once I took a rubbing, I then did this again but with white and turquoise acrylic paint, used the hessian, but then put hessian flowers onto the paint and left the flowers in the paint.   I then took a further rubbing and this is how it turned out – rather pretty!