Hi Everyone

Today, Saturday, is project 17, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Letters.  I started with colours of purple and blue then added a little bit of black to the paint to form darker colours.  I splurged these all over the gelli plate then put a piece of crd stock over the paint.  I then used stencils with the darker colours and painted them onto my gelli plate which in turn got transferred to my card stock.  Once dry, I then used a white pen to highlight some of the outlines.






Hi Everyone

Today, Friday, is project 16, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Feathers.  I started with a Tim Holtz tag and painted 2 layers of acrylic paint in pink, stone and a touch of purple.  I then used a few feathers from a packet purchased from the pound shop by placing paint on the gelli plate in pink , putting the feathers in the paint, then placing a piece of copy paper over them and braying over the copy paper so as to cover the feathers in paint.  I then placed the feathers on the tag and again rolled the brayer over the feathers to transfer the paint onto the tag.  Happy braying today!



Hi Everyone

Today, Thursday, is project 15, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Lines.  I started with a Tim Holtz tag and painted it with 3 layers of acrylic paint in red, black and white adding rectangle, dot and hexagon stencils.  The 4th layer is black acrylic through a ‘writing’ stencil – which says I must behave in class – I’m only kidding I don’t know what it says really!


Tissue Paper


Hi Everyone

Today, Wednesday, is project 14, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Tissue Paper.  I took some other Brilliance inks and filled my gelli plate with them.  I then crumpled some white tissue paper and pushed this into the ink.  I then covered the gelli plate with other colours and repeated the process.  I then took some stencils and inked through them.  The stencils where then pushed into another piece of card stock which gave print 2.

Pigment Inks


Hello Everyone

Today, Tuesday, is project 13, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Pigment Inks.  I have had Archival Brilliance ink pads for ever, so I dug out my Tiramisu pad.  I also purchase some time ago (do you have stuff deep in cupboards never used!) Petites gel press.  These are small gelli plates in shapes.   So, I used the triangle.  I inked up the gelli plate, and then placed a stencil over a piece of card stock and pressed the plate into the stencil – result is a pretty triangle through a stencil and I have to say I LOVE IT!   I then did a 2nd print with the gelli plate so as not to waste the ink, again I really liked the ghost effect it gave.  I will definitely be using this technique again and I have more Brilliance ink pads in my stash – just got to dig them out!  Happy Stamping.




Hi Everyone

Today, Monday, is project 12, over at #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge – #31daysofgelprinting – #falliginlovewithgelprinting on Instagram and the theme is Heart.  I started off with a few stencils on my gelli plate and covered it with red and pink acrylic paint over the stencils.  Once peeled off, I then inked the plate again and re pressed the card stock into the paint minus the stencils.  The stencils I then rubbed onto another piece of card stock, transferring the paint onto the card from the stencils, giving the 2nd rubbing.  I then went around the hearts with a white pen.