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Hi Everyone
This week I am making table decorations.

The first is a tree made with cardstock Mbossibilities, Garden delights folder, paint or inks, piece of wire or lolly stick, ribbons, PVA glue and embellishments, and something to stand the tree into.

2012_1212dec120020.jpgFirstly take at least 2 pieces of A6 cardstock and run them through the embossing folder.  Cut the cardstock into 2cm strips – longways.

Take the thick wire or lolly stick and glue alternate back then front, the strips under/over the wire and overlap them as your doing it.2012_1212dec120021.jpg

When you feel your tree is big enough for your project, you MUST leave this to dry overnight.

You then take a ruler and mark/measure equidistant from each side of the wire 2 cms or if you want a more chunky tree make the bottom longer.  Then draw a pencil line from the bottom of the tree to the top where the wire is making a triangle.  Draw a line then cut the line on each side.  You now have it looking like a tree.

2012_1212dec120023.jpgThe left over bits, cut into triangles and you can use these on cards.  Paint and decorate your tree.  I chose gold cosmic shimmer paint then added some fluffy red ribbon and a string of beads.  Go to town and put on what you like.2012_1212dec120024.jpg

I placed the tree into some tissue paper in the painted plant pot (from hobbycraft) and covered with artificial moss (used for artificial flowers).

Great for a decoration or table piece. Sue